The Eat Better Formula

Take the guesswork out of how to eat for lasting weight loss

with a science-backed proven formula for women over 40

The Eat Better Formula will help you simplify how to eat for weight loss with a personalized nutrition plan that considers the whole you, so you can shed stubborn fat, gain energy, live healthier and happier, free of the diet drama!

The Eat Better Formula is for you if you're...

  • Tired of counting calories, cutting carbs, and saying no to all your favorite fun foods and nothing seems to work.
  • Struggling with food cravings, brain fog and lacking energy, overeating on the weekends and starting over every Monday.
  • Fed up with one-size-fits-all diet plans that leave you feeling deprived, overwhelmed and miserable.

Improve your relationship with food, shed fat and feel as amazing as you deserve with The Eat Better Formula, so you can create balanced food habits that support the whole you!

Kristy lost 5.4 pounds in 4 weeks!

"Working with Mindy was really an eye-opener for me, especially as I am someone who has struggled with their weight all of their life. When I met Mindy, I was stuck in a plateau and was desperate for a change as my low-calorie/low-carb diet and constant exercise routine had stopped working. I was beyond disappointed when the scale wouldn't budge and so working with Mindy, I learned tools to begin the end of my toxic relationship with food and really started to hone in on some underlying causes of my crash dieting."

Kristy D.


Confused, frustrated and overwhelmed to encouraged, clear, and confident


For the woman who's tired of struggling with diet and exercise and is ready for a proven formula for weight loss with the expert guidance and support they need to STOP dieting and never be confused about how and what to eat for weight loss again.

Inside The Eat Better Formula You Will...

  • Take simple steps to eat better, without counting calories, cutting out food groups and sacrificing all the foods you love.
  • Discover how to create a balanced plate with foods you love, so you can stop feeling deprived, prevent overeats, and have a healthier food relationship.
  • Use a proven formula for fat loss, so you can stop dieting and start living a life you love while achieving your goals.
  • Finally have a simple nutrition plan tailored to YOU, so you can quit struggling with food cravings, lacking energy, and willpower and make the best choices for you and your body.
  • Get your mindset in the right place for healthy change, so you can put your focus where it really matters, gain traction, and make real progress.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Eating Better:   


Jennifer is down 12 lbs in 8 weeks, and says it was easy!


The Eat Better Formula uses a science-backed proven formula along with my three-part framework to take the guesswork out of how to eat for healthy and lasting weight loss... and it's as simple as 1-2-3.

Bust through diet myths so you can confidently eat better.

Finally know exactly how and what to eat for weight loss, so you can quit wasting time counting calories, cutting out food groups and wondering if you're getting it right, and put your focus in the right places for the best results!

Use a science backed proven formula for weight loss.

Weight loss is not a simple equation of 'eat less, move more.' In this step you'll discover the amount of calories and nutrients YOUR body really needs, so you can create balanced food habits that support your goals!

Have a simple, realistic and doable plan that supports you.

Discover how to make small and powerful changes to your food habits that will leave you feeling energized, satisfied and satiated, so that you can lose the weight, enjoy a healthier food relationship and feel as amazing as you deserve!


The Eat Better Formula is not another one-size-fits-all diet plan,

it's personalized nutrition for real results!

The Eat Better Formula Includes...

  • A Science-Backed Proven Formula For Weight Loss: finally understand the calorie range YOUR body needs to support healthy body function and fat loss, with the portions of protein, carbs and fats that's best for your goals, so you can stop restricting and start living!
  • My 3-Part Eat Better Framework: the step-by-step guided exercises in each module will help you take small yet powerful steps to stop dieting, so you can make meaningful improvements your food habits and have a healthier relationship with food!
  • Real Nutrition For Real Results: discover how to easily nourish your body with the foods that support healthy hormones, metabolism and fat loss so you can feel and function your best!
  • A Plan Tailored To You: have a simple, realistic and sustainable food plan that considers the whole you -- from your health and weight loss goals, to your food likes and lifestyle!
  • Food + Fitness Over 40: discover the best foods and fitness for women over 40 to burn stubborn fat and build muscle, including pre and post workout nutrition to support your goals!
  • Live Coaching And Q+A: get guidance and support in real time, with two live coaching and Q+A sessions to answer your burning questions and help you take action with confidence and clarity!
  • The Resource Vault: this is where you'll find a variety of food and fitness resources, from mindset and motivation to balanced nutrition and healthy habit tools specifically designed to help you eat better, think better, and feel your best!

PLUS you'll have Lifetime Access to the entire Eat Better Formula program to support you today and tomorrow: including all of the trainings, resources and materials, so you can take it at your pace and make healthy change that lasts!

Karla lost 6 inches and gained food freedom!

"I can’t thank you enough for helping on my journey to a “better me”!! I was stuck in the “diet mentality” for way too long!!! You shared your knowledge, all while encouraging me to make small changes to get the results I was looking for.

In my first month I am down 2 lbs and 6 inches lost!! But what I gained is what is the best for me and that is more energy, mind clarity and overall feeling great!! No longer, depriving myself of food groups or saying no to social engagements for fear of blowing everything I worked hard for!!! Again!! Thank you!!!"

Karla M.





This bonus includes three game changing guides, specifically designed to remove the most common roadblocks for women's weight loss.

From understanding portion sizes and how to create a balanced plate using foods you love with the best protein, carbs and fats for your goals, to discovering how you can best support healthy hormones and simple ways to boost your day-to-day nutrition, so you eat better, think better, and feel your best!

If you're ready to remove the confusion, frustration and overwhelm around food, so you can so you can quit wondering what to eat, if it's healthy, and if you should eat it, and confidently make the best food choices for you, your body and your goals, this bonus is for you!

($197 value)



Inside you'll find a variety of healthy living resources, materials, and tools to help you eat better, think better, and feel your best!

From motivation and mindset tools, to the best foods to support your health and weight loss goals and simple-to-follow recipes that will help you boost your day-to-day nutrition, you'll find it all here! 

($297 value)



Get guidance and support in real time, with two live coaching and Q+A sessions with Coach Mindy to answer your burning questions, so you can confidently take action toward your goals.

Because weight loss is a whole heck of a lot easier when you have support!

($697 value)

Don't Wait! The Doors Close In:



Kara lost over 50 pounds and has KEPT IT OFF!

"Mindy does a great job training each individual at their own level. She is encouraging and never boring. She understands nutrition and human nature so she is the perfect coach for someone trying to lose weight and get fit."

Kara N.

Hodan lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks and has never felt better!

"I can honestly say that Mindy is one of the most motivating, charismatic and genuinely nice people I've ever met. You can see and feel how much she loves what she does. Mindy has been helping me get back into shape after gaining 15+lbs over the course of a year and half. I've lost about 8lbs in about a month. I have never felt better in my life! Mindy is there reminding you to stay focused, eat right, drink water and get on with your daily exercise.

If you are willing to put in that effort, Mindy WILL make sure you achieve your goals."

Hodan B.

Linda gained confidence and took her power back!

"I benefited greatly from your wonderful and informative program. Thank you so much for your guidance and affirmations encouraging me to take small powerful steps in my eating but my mindset as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Linda J.

Coleen shed inches from her waist and hips!

"“Mindy from Mind+Body Elite is an amazing motivator. She is creative and supportive! I have been wanting to improve our at home diet – but didn’t really know how to start and was completely overwhelmed by the prospect.

She totally transformed how our family eats, which has been great for all of us."

Laura L.

Coleen shed inches from her waist and hips!

"I contacted Mindy because I needed help tightening up my nutrition. As I get older my body has not responded as well to my old "go to's". She was very easy to talk with and is very knowledgeable in Nutrition and Exercise. She practices what she preaches and is very supportive."

Coleen M.

Carrie discovered the power of a balanced balanced nutrition plan and is THRIVING!

"I was about to pay big bucks to a trendy deprivation diet program, and had already started depriving myself to get a jump on things. I felt horrible, I had less than zero energy, I was sad, but was going to champion through to a better me! What!? 

The light started shining through as Mindy coached me over the phone, so I signed up for common sense Mindy nutrition. It amazes me what one piece of fruit can give a body, what a well balanced eating plan can offer, so if you're about to spend the big money on the newest trendy diet, turn around and RUN to Mindy Garrett."

Carrie M.

Heidi wanted a Coach who walked the talk and was relatable too!

"Mindy is one of the most dedicated individuals to fitness I know! She is energetic and ready to get you going. Not only is she educated in overall wellness, she lives it.

If you are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, Mindy is the person to help you get started, keep you motivated and continue to follow up with in the future."

Heidi A.

Let's Make Eating Better Easier!

Hi, I'm Coach Mindy!

As a nutritionist with over ten years of experience helping women lose weight, gain energy and live healthy, I've seen it all. I realize just how much diet culture misinformation is out there. And I understand how years of dieting has created habits that are standing in the way of your goals.

The truth is it's not willpower, your metabolism or a lack of desire that's the problem. It's the DIET.

I get it, because I was there once too. And I know how confusing, frustrating and discouraging healthy eating and weight loss be... especially when you feel like you've tried all-the-things. Whether you're feeling challenged to see real results, or feel stuck in a cycle of losing and regaining the weight over and over, I can help.

What you need are the simple and proven steps to help you break free of yo-yo dieting with a science-backed formula for weight loss and a nutrition plan that's tailored to you, so you can eat better, think better and feel as amazing as you deserve. Weight loss doesn't have to feel like a complicated, depriving and punishing journey.

And in The Eat Better Formula, I'll show you how.

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